words from a friend

"my dear friend,
may your smile rest your mind.
for it is your mind that makes you smile.
do not let one let the other down.
you are loved."


spread your wings said...

such a beautiful wish

Char said...

this reminds me of my sister last night saying "you are loved" to me. so beautiful Georgia - I needed that.

Sara said...

I gave you an award on my blog!
stay amazing,

Chris said...

Very sweet, and very true :)

Sara said...

your comment(s) made me smile..a very sincere smile
Thank you!

~B~ said...

I love reading your blogs..you are a blessed person. Your friend who wrote that used the words very well. I always get a bit on inspiration coming to your sites. Keep your head up, eyes open and heart warm. Those are the ways to best enjoy life.