happy day after groundhog day

nashville shadow

so i thought i would put up something a little less heavy for a change. i had posted this photo to flickr yesterday in response to the post that was on shutter sisters about shadows {being that it was groundhog day.}

if you've been reading here for a year, you may remember me writing about groundhog day last year, because of the fact that i grew up in woodstock, where the movie groundhog day {with bill murray } was filmed. some of you know my silly pride about how it sort of put our little town on the map. even my friend peter joked to me about it like this today... "i know how you folks from woodstock are into tht rodent worship thing once a year." hahaha, p. yes we are, and proud of it!

well, anyway... for obvious reasons, i did not write about it yesterday. so i'll do so today instead. i don't even know yet... did the groundhog see his shadow yesterday? just break it to me gently... are we in for a long winter? please tell me no. {*wink*}

i took this shot while in nashville for my friend's wedding last may. the sun was going down as we were walking over the bridge that crossed the cumberland river. it made for the coolest long shadow {and a fun "self-portrait"}. it was kind of a boring photo before i 1960-ized it and added the type. but now i quite like it!

i guess as lighthearted as i'm trying to be here, i also want to say, i'm not afraid of the dark shadows i walk through. if there were no shadows, it would mean there is no light, right?

i can only say WOW at the outpouring of support you have all shown to me the past few days, especially after yesterday's post. comments, e-mails... even a phone call. i was not surprised, though. you gave it when i lost my job and also when b. lost his. so i knew i would have now. but not only did i get so much support and encouragement. i also received personal e-mails from some of you who have or are going through the same exact thing. those e-mails meant the world. i am touched.

once again, i say thank you. and i have to create some time to reply personally to each of you. i promise i will, but until then, i say it here.

i've got a funny post lined up for tomorrow. 'cause not everything around here has to be so serious. {*wink again*}.


beth said...

if people only knew that honest to god, your legs are really that long and beautiful :)

S. Etole said...

so nice to know we walk through the valley of shadows and come out on the other side ...

Lisa said...

this is such a fun photo! i really love the textures and the colors and whatever type of post processing you did to it, because it looks totally awesome! i especially love that you can see the outline of your hat. ;) it adds such a cool flair!

hehehe, happy groundhog day! :P i don't know if he saw his shadow, either... hehe.

slommler said...

I am so glad that you felt the love pouring out towards you. I just love blogland for just that reason. And if you legs are that long and beautiful, I am totally jealous!!

beth said...

That is an awesome, captivating shot.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

HA! Great to hear you have a fun day. Love this shot. Hope it made you smile again too. Be strong my friend, I'm gladd to hear that you don't mind the shade...as longs as there is sunlight.

And yes Oh yes,...let the sun shine please, I long for spring big time.
Sweet hugs Dagmar

CDScott said...

The hat tops those loooonnng legs off perfectly!

Steve Gravano said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if the groundhog think works, we're in store for six more weeks of winter... at least here on Long Island.

Char said...

it is a great shot. glad you felt loved and supported - we all need that. happy Wednesday.

Heather said...

I've been away from blogland for a few days . . . sorry I missed the opportunity to offer some support yesterday! It's a brave thing to "come clean" with the sadness and allow others to share it with you. A sign of strength and resilience. I will be thinking of you!!

Love the fun, leggy shadow picture. Its been some time since I've participated at SS. I really need to spend more time with my camera. Its part of what keeps the shadows at bay in my own life:)

Joy said...

Georgia... didn't know you were back. I think you took a break for awhile. I like this photo, and yes, it does look like the 60's, especially with that hat--one of those floppy kind.