positively perfect.

my husband and my grandmother

what a weekend!
i dare say near perfect.
i could not have asked
for a more blessed weekend
or for it to have been filled
with anything better than it was.

starting with my first
meeting with a counselor
who i instantly felt at ease with
and who i'm certain will be
the perfect mentor, confidant
and listening ear i need right now.

having a friend call me three times
the next day to see how that meeting went.

friday morning coffee with a great friend
who i've not seen in a while.

friday afternoon work day
{part 2 of the clean sweep in my house }
with my best friend and her sister
{who is now a friend as well }
filled with a lot of laughter and joy,
while layers of heaviness were stripped away
and freedom from possessions took its place.
{part 1 here.}

sensing God placing angels
{like elijah's }
in my life left and right
and sensing His presence and peace.

being asked to guest blog
for a week on a blog i admire.
{i'm so giddy about that one!}

being treated like gold
by three business establishments
who i gave my business {and money } to.
{one of the upsides of a tough economy...
good customer service sky rockets
because every business wants
to hold on to their customers.}

having a homemade french toast breakfast
made for me by b. on sunday morn
and enjoying the lingering
aromas of it all day long.

taking one of the most
precious photos i've ever taken
of b. and my grandma {above }
while spending time with her
for her 95th birthday party...
probably the most memorable time
i have ever had with her.
{oh my, she is still so sharp and witty!
and very much a whipper-snapper!
see my grandma in 1933 here.}

starting my new project.
on sat. morning {see post below }
and hanging out/having a blast
with another friend while doing it.
{thanks for all your kind comments
about the project, by the way.}

reconnecting with my sister
on one of our greatest
common passions -- photography --
and seeing some of her beautiful recent work
{hers is the first photo if you follow this link.}

having a friend
from across the ocean pray
and watching those prayers
answered within hours.

finding out that my dear friend, ese,
had her second baby girl
and all are healthy and well.

making a lifestyle change
in regards to my eating
that i believe will greatly
improve my well-being.
{more on that later }

doing something i thought was bad for me,
but turns out is good for me and,
in fact, very needed.
{more on that later, too }

feeling different.

letting go.

getting through.

happy to be so.

i'm blessed.
and i felt it this weekend.
just thought i would say it out loud,
'cause i want to be known for being
grateful for the good days,
as much {and more } than i am
affected by the difficult ones.

i truly hope yours was blessed, too.


Hi Kooky said...

Oh, I'm so happy for you and your wonderful (magical?) weekend! So many blessings. Yay! Love the photo, by the way. It is a special photo indeed. And whipper-snapper is one of my favorite words. :)

Heather said...

Sounds wonderful! Hope your blessings multiply over the next week:)

Jekisa Jean said...


it is 12:48 and i have just nestled myself in bed after a full day.
i had seen on facebook earlier tonight that you had been to see your grandmother
and i saw the fun photos of you and nate...

and then, like i often do before bed,
i went to read your blog.

and i came face to face with what i agree with you
most precious (and I think BEST) photos you have ever taken.

you captured an entire conversation, two entire life times,
and a world of love and admiration for the other in one moment...

it took my breath away and i felt like i truly witnessed something of the divine.

I know alot of times i don't always leave a comment,
just because i feel like i don't know what to say that hasn't been said...

but this time I had to speak up.
This is a treasure, G. Thank you for letting us all share in it as you do
with so many others of your gifts.

i love you!


slommler said...

Oh sweetie!! How wonderful! Everything sounds so perfect! I am so glad you liked your new counselor. And to be surrounded by good friends is always a blessing!! I can feel the peace oozing out from you!!

~Hurricane B~ said...


That is what this post is and I can feel it.
I am very thrilled for you to have had a blessed weekend, and think it is grand that you acknowledged it.
The first meeting is always the hardest for me, with counselors. So that yours went well and you connected. I think that is a good sign.

Happy Begining to March Sweet Georgia


margie said...

happy for you and always proud of changes that work.

Elizabeth Joy Stevens said...

Your post took my breath away. I don't even have words. ALL of it! I JUST left you a voicemail to check up on you and see how you are doing about 15 minutes ago. After reading this, I now know. God is working and I love it! And I love YOU! Happy 95th Grandma! (just celebrated my Grandma's 99th last weekend!...how sweet is that?) We are blessed to have them. May you continue to feel God breathing into your soul throughout this week. Love you...

georgia b. said...

hee hee, mary. you just left me a comment via you daughter's blog. : )

but i knew it was you. and, yes, i did see you just celebrated your grandma's 99th a few days ago. i saw it on fb, and thought, "how cool! so close together."

their actual birthdays are only a couple of days apart, i think.
: )

Claire said...


beth said...

change is good....and I see lots of changing going on over here....

S. Etole said...

this makes for happy hearts ... both your and mine

Char said...

beautiful feelings - i'm glad you are feeling better

Kim Klassen said...

oh g.... so very very happy for you...

i just love every morsel of this post.... and that image... i feel warmth and love from it...

i leave here again feeling blessed... sooo thankful...

and sooo excited about next week. :))...

yay...... happiest monday my new friend....

talk soon....xxo, kim

Jaime said...

A 95th birthday..how wonderful! Don't you love looking at old photographs of your grandparents when they were young? My grandparents passed away a few years ago, and pouring over old photos brought me into their lives in a whole new way. My grandpa loved to tell me stories of his youth, sometimes the same story over and over (which I loved)...but to see him as a younger being made his stories so much more real.
Happy 95th birthday to your grandma.

spread your wings said...

sounds like a lot of goodness wrap in one weekend. so happy for you. truly

Oliag said...

What I love most about this post is that amazing photo you took...amazing! Your weekend sounds pretty amazing too:)

mrs mediocrity said...

the photo of your grandmother is stunning. your post inspiring. thanks for sharing both.

Kara said...

Beautiful capture - and what a cool idea for your new blog! I am so jealous - how in the world do you find the time (or make the time) to blog this much and write so much!!??

april in iowa said...

Hello from Iowa, Georgia. I'm sorry I've missed so many many wonderful words. Your life seems so beautiful and so precious and so cherished. Always. It's lovely to come here and feel just how much you enjoy this business of living. Hope all's well. :)

Lisa said...

It sounds like the perfect weekend to me! So full of awesome things. :P Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your awesome comment, it means so much! And for your compliment on the photo--I've been so behind with photography lately and it means a lot. I've got lots of other things going on and I always forget to have my camera with me. How can I change this, I wonder?? Anyway, I loved seeing you pop up over there. You have such a special place in my heart! <3

I can't wait to hear your "more on that later" stories! Oooh, the suspense! ;)

Anonymous said...

Here via Shutter Sisters. Beautiful image and post! :-)