the bible in a year

my bible
...i TRIED to do it one year a while back, but i did not get all the way through. well, i'm NOT going to attempt it in 2011, either. i figured i'd only be setting myself up for failure. i think it's going to be a very busy and out-of-the-norm year... especially come june when baby gets here.

but b. is going to do it again this year. this will be his third time. he tried it several years ago, but never finished. then, he tried again in 2008 and FINISHED! it was a reading schedule that had him read the old testament once and the new testament twice. so he actually did more than read through the bible in a year. he read it once and then some!

well, he's on attempt number three and, i hope for his sake, success number two! i love that he is doing this again. i am uber proud of him for doing it. it means a lot to me. if he had just done it once and never again after that, i might think he had done it just so he could say he accomplished such a feat. but the fact that he is doing it again makes me know he wants to study the bible and know it inside and out. i feel blessed to be married to a man that is making that one of his year's priorities and goals. he could have a goal to learn a hundred more songs on the guitar {which i would enjoy, actually}. or he could have a goal to learn something in 2011 that he has never taken up before... like acting or racing cars or building furniture. and these would all be admirable things. but i can honestly say, i would prefer that he take this measure... to know more about the God he believes in through his word... more than anything else.

and i certainly prefer it to lesser {in my eyes} goals like becoming rich and powerful at the cost of neglecting his family and relationships or to fame and attention. i am honored to be married to a humble man who does not seek those things. i am honored to be married to a man who is rich in faithfulness and devotion and deep love for me and who desires to lead this family.

psalm 118:2

but this post is not about how madly in love i am with my husband more and more each day {though i am!}. it's about sharing what i chose to photograph for my "picture winter" assignment today. i hope it's okay to repeat it here, but for today's assignment, tracey wrote:
"promise and possibility might be intangibles, but you know that feeling you get when you see something that fills your heart to brimming. be on the lookout today for something that speaks of promise or possibility - something hopeful, touching, soul stirring. something that reminds you that anything is possible and we have everything to hope for."
oh... this is my bible! if is FULL of reminders to me that anything is possible and i have everything to hope for! full of promise or possibility... hope, touching stories, soul-stirring words... fills my heart to brimming... and my spirit and my soul!

your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path
so i knew immediately i would photograph my bible. but i had a hard time deciding if i wanted it closed or open in the photo. i chose to go with open {i submitted the shot above}. much more symbolic, no? it is when it is open that i find all that my soul thirsts for. and my soul was SO thirsty today!

so i was glad today when i happened to open up to these verses for my shoot:

"...his steadfast love endures forever." ~psalm 118:2


"i love the LORD, because he has heard
my voice and my pleas for mercy.
because he inclined his ear to me,
therefore i will call on him as long as i live."
~psalm 116:1-2

and one i purposefully opened up to in 2nd corinthians {because of a thoughtful comment that another blogger left for me yesterday on my post about strength}:

"... 'my grace is sufficient for you,
for my power is made perfect in weakness.'
therefore i will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses,
so that the power of Christ may rest on me."
~2nd corinthians 12:9

anyway, here are the rest of the shots i took.

psalm 116:1-2

my bible... the more worn the edges, the better off i'll be

though i will not read it all the way through this year, i hope to be found here often... in it's pages so thin, but so full of hope and promise and answers for this life of mine. i'd like to be so often in it, that by this time next year, the cover's edges will be even more worn than they are now.

do you read the bible? have you ever read it all in a year? if not, do you plan to some time?


Stacey said...

That is SO great that your hubby is reading through the Bible again. Bravo for him and for you for being so supportive. You should be proud. It is a huge accomplishment!!

I tried reading through it years ago and failed miserably. I found myself just quickly reading through the assigned chapters and not really letting them digest b/c I just wanted to get through them for the day. Last year I started SOAP with my church and was pretty successful and am doing it again this year with the hubs. Our church all reads the same chapter of the Bible a day. It's manageable for us!

Love that 2nd Corinthians verse....My power is made perfect in weakness....just love that.

Hope things are looking up and your having a better day today! xoxo

georgia b. said...

thanks, stacey!

i will check out your link. that sounds like a great {more doable} idea for me.

it's a great verse, isn't it? i was so glad to be reminded of it, because it is perfect for my theme this year.

hope your day is good too! thank you for your prayers.

Lisa said...

First, these photos are just lovely!! They are so emotional. I've never read the Bible in an entire year, but I think I did try once years ago! That is so commendable that your husband is attempting it for the third time. Thank you for sharing this! <3

Danielle said...

I read the Bible in a year once, with a NIV Bible that was divided up so you could read it in a year. I'm currently on a Back to the Bible chronological reading plan I found online. It's great! For example, the book of Job in integrated with Genesis. I've not read it in a year though, despite the fact it's designed that way. I'm on a 2 year plan! :)

georgia b. said...

thank you, lisa. i appreciate what you said about the photos. i enjoyed taking them.

danielle, the two year plan sound more my pace! something i should think about.

chasity said...

actually...i am going to do a post about this tomorrow.
we are reading through the bible as a family this year and i'm very excited.

good for your husband.
that is the best goal to have....

have a wonderful evening~

georgia b. said...

chas... nice to hear from you. i like that your family is doing this together. the year i tried doing it, i did with b., but separately. it was my suggestion that we read together. but he does not like reading out loud, so we read together at the same time, but to ourselves. he liked to do the reading before bed, but i found myself too tired at that point, so i would always fall asleep... so you see? i can blame it on him!

all the best to you in 2011 and i hope you accomplish your goal of reading it through in a year.

spread your wings said...

what a wonderful way to start the new year and the year of your child's birth.
I am shametful to say I have never read the Bible all the way through. It is a goal I would like to accomplish. You have inspired me.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post, Georgia. I have started my own One Year Prayer Devotional. It includes a prayer in the morning and a prayer in the evening and both are concerning the verse that is discussed for the day. Really working on that quiet time with God before I start and when I end my day. :)

georgia b. said...

thanks, anonymous... who are you, though??