today {part 1 - picture winter}

woke up
thanked God for the sunny day
thanked him for the baby in my belly
thanked him for his provision
thanked him for answered prayer yesterday.
told him how much i need him today
went to the bathroom first thing like i always do {i'm pregnant!}
found this on the bathroom counter

a little sunshine

only one person could have left it
yup... it was b.
he made me a sign with matches to say hello
before he left for work
while i was yet asleep and unaware of his awakened state

i had wanted to leave him a note the night before
telling him the good news i received in a message
just before going to bed...

the friend/bride that i designed another
wedding invitation for...
my sixth one...
wrote to say how thrilled she was with the design
that i came up with
what a joyful relief!!!

anyway, forgot to leave him a note with the good news
i knew he would be happy to hear
because he knew before he went to bed
how anxious i was to get a reply about what i sent her
and how nervous i was that she might not like the designs i came up with

two messages
that made my day
one last night... last thing i saw before retiring
one this morning...
first thing i saw upon arising

i love good news

have you gotten any today?

{needless to say, i knew immediately that this is what i would shoot and submit for today's picture winter workshop assignment. how could i not... when tracey writes:
it's amazing how even simple orange dots of paint can be the perfect substitute for sunshine when you really need it. no matter where you are or what the weather is like, you can certainly carry with you a sunny disposition.
today, keep your eyes open for signs of the sun. polka dots, symbols, colors, shiny things... whatever helps you remember that the sun will come out tomorrow {or sometime soon, no doubt}.
well, the real sun was already shining. but the sunshine that his little "hi" note brought me today was a far better glimmer in the rough days of doubt, disappointment and uncertainty i have had lately. do you see why i love this guy so much? i'm seriously crazy about him. he called about an hour after i woke up, and i told him just what it meant to me. then i told him the news of my other message from last night! now i am off to eat a healthy {{late}} lunch, which i will share more about in part 2, as it will be my other workshop {{simple soulful}} post. hope your day is sunny!}

oh, and b... right back at ya!

right back at ya


Tina said...

such a lovely way to start the day!
after 30 years of marriage, we still leave notes for each other...or texts since we have sort of surrendered to the tech age we live in :)
good news? well I am still living off yesterday's good news, but todays good news arrived with our son bright and early, brought into our cottage in his car seat all bundled against the cold for this grandma to snuggle with him for the day!

Lisa said...

That is so cute! I love it when they do sweet things like that. And I am just loving the burst of creative photos from you these days! So exciting! <3

(PS! As I scrolled down to type in the word verification, it turned out to be: packlenz. Haha! I thought it was pretty funny considering this is a photography blog! :P)

chasity said...

so sweet.
gotta love that kind of thoughtfulness.

S. Etole said...

it's so good to have you back!!!

Joy said...

Hey girl! I have not forgotten about you and your awesome talent! And here I stop by and find out you are pregnant! Whooo--hooo! Congrats! I know you had posted about that maybe a year ago?? Will stop back by and read more and try to play catch-up. Love your photo at the top... the white is quite striking. Happy New Year!!! BTW... all kinds of WONDERFUL things happened to me last year--one of the best years ever!

Stacey said...

Oh what a sweet hubby! :-) Love little surprises like that!

DebraP said...

So lovely! Story and photo!

Jenny Schouten Short said...

That lifts me up, too. I'll look for orange dots today! xo Jenny

slommler said...

How sweet of b.! And I like the idea of looking for symbols of sunshine! I will do that for sure!

beth said...

he's just the sweetest man !