controlled chaos {picture winter day 13}

crowded, snowy street chaos
{better on flickr}

so, today's picture winter theme is controlled chaos...
you may have guessed by my post title and the words on my photo.

i thought this was going to be one of the harder assignments...
to find something that "said" or symbolized controlled chaos.
but it turns out, it was harder to pick which photo
i wanted to submit to the workshop
than it was to find something that said controlled chaos to me.
i felt like there was controlled chaos everywhere i looked!

the above shot is of a crowded downtown, snowy, winter street.
it seemed chaotic with the many parked cars,
the snow that had not yet been cleared,
and the trucks that were trying to get their deliveries done on time.
chaotic... yet somehow, we all get where we need to
and deliveries get made.
{i was sitting in a diner having breakfast
with my mom when i took it.}
i ended up submitting this shot above,
but i really wanted to submit a few from below, too.

. . .

water and electric chaos {2}
{better on flickr}

on the way to meet mama, i passed the city's water tower.
there were so many lines criss-crossing back and forth.
between the power lines and the angled support rods on the tower,
it really did seem like chaos.
but actually, everything there is just where it should be,
in order to provide orderly water and power to the city residents.

water and electric chaos
{better on flickr}

this is just another take on that same theme...
using a different camera exposure, though.
i had fun playing with the processing on these water tower shots!

tree chaos {1}
{better on flickr}

then, on the way home from breakfast with mom
and from applying for unemployment benefits,
i saw these awesome trees on the side of the road.
they just SCREAMED chaos to me...
with the odd branches at the top of the tree
that shot way up... only vertically.
i think it's weird {in a cool way} how the bottom of the tree
had all kinds of directional branches all clustered together,
and then the top just had those shooting spikes.
it seemed very chaotic, but at the same time
they are objects in nature that are perfectly programmed in all seasons
to do just what they are supposed to...
bloom and shed, bloom and shed, bloom and shed...
all the while, growing year after year.
so there's your control element.

tree chaos {2}
{better on flickr}

this is just another take/process on the same tree.

tree chaos {3}
{better on flickr}

...and another one.

driving chaos
{better on flickr}

then i got this blurred shot {you know how much i love blurry shots!}
of a car whizzing by.
driving out on the roads in winter???
talk about controlled chaos!

rear view chaos
{better on flickr}

this one is actually a bit peaceful to me.
but it still represents driving, so...
the control is using our mirrors,
and the chaos is the drivers and traffic all around us.

jelly tower chaos
{better on flickr}

lastly... something TOTALLY different.
at breakfast, i noticed all the jam/jelly packets.
not so much chaotic {i should have really roughed up their order more},
but i saw control in the rack that makes them all nice and neat
and chaos in trying to decide which darn jelly to put on my english muffin!!
when you are indecisive like me, this can be hard.

there you have it!
a much less serious post
that is {for once} all about photography
and not so much about my life.
well, i could go into a nice long post about how controlled chaos applies to life.
but i'll spare you all.

now i just have to create some time
to catch up on all the other members' entries.
it will have to be after b. and i watch a movie...
it's "thursday-night-movie night"!

{p.s., thanks for breakfast, mama!}


Sharon said...

my fave is the water tower. second place...the jelly. i'll check out the photos of the other people.

georgia b. said...

mom. i don't know if you can, because you are not in the class.

Chelsea said...

All wonderful!! I love that you interpreted the prompt in different ways. Beautiful!

Stacey said...

Um.....the water tower shots??????? SO good!!!! Love whatever you did with these! Love them all but REALLY love the water tower!!!

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Good, Gerogia, Winter is bleak and the strong contrasts stand out. Since I am a colorist it is hard for me to focus in winter. Your linear interpretaions speak volumes.Beautiful! xxoo

mrs mediocrity said...

wow, what a great bunch of photos! I love the water tower, you managed to make it look beautiful.

Lisa said...

I love these! I really love the blurry tree with the whizzing car. So cool! But it's hard for me to pick just one fave. These are all fantastic.