a day in your life at 18 {exactly}

spa sweet spa

dear baby-b,

you are 18 weeks old... TODAY!
and wow... you are growing by leaps and bounds!
i think my belly popped out over night!
must be why i have felt nauseous again these past few days.

know what else?
your mama is a little under the weather today.
i woke up with a sinus infection.
so i am not quite myself.
i hope it's not affecting you, though.
you stay warm and healthy in there, okay?
i'll take the brunt of the bug,
and you just stay healthy and strong.

well, mama had to do her picture winter assignment today...
"all wrapped up" was the theme.
we had to find something original to shoot
involving a towel{s} or towel theme.
so i'm using this opportunity to once again,
give you a glimpse of the bigger home
that surrounds your little home {my tummy}.

today we won't stay in one room.
i'll show you the bathroom
and a little bit of the dining room, too.
there is even one of your mama
laying down in the living room... trying to rest up.

but first, i want you to know...
unless God has another plan,
your dad and i have decided to stay where we are after you are born.
we didn't know how we could swing it.
but, your very sacrificial papa decided he would willingly give up his man-cave
{or half of it, anyway}
to make a nursery for you to call your own!
i can't wait to get started on it!
i won't go into details now... that will come.
but just know, i'm going to make one lovely little space
for my precious one to sleep every night.
don't you worry.

as you can see, i started off in the bathroom.
seemed like a good place to start for a towel theme.
i won't go into too much detail now, because i still plan to post
about the bathroom in its entirety some time.
but i'll just give you a glimpse.
it's my favorite room.
and it seems to be the favorite room of all who visit, too.
it's very long and very bright... i love bathrooms with windows!
and the nice thing is that it gets the most light in the mornings.
other than also telling you it's filled with greens,
i won't give you much more detail yet.
but i can say, it has a lot of vintage charm...
not so much because i decorated it that way,
but because that is how the house came.
it's an older home,
and it still has all those great characteristics that a lot of older homes have.
well, the above photo collage is of my favorite towel
with my favorite eucalyptus spearmint lotion.
this is where i take a lot of relaxing baths.
and some day, you too will bathe there.

when i get around to doing the full bathroom post,
you'll see there are a lot of other interesting things in there, too.
{i'll give you a hint... a few of those things have wings!}

okay, now let's move to the living room.

wrapped in a towel, resting with a sinus infection

mama was tired and did not want to work on her assignment.
so she decided to lay down after a nice warm, steam-filled shower
{that hopefully helped clear out the sinuses}, and then thought,
"i can just take a photo of myself with the tripod for my assignment."

green eyes {sideways}

your mama has green eyes like the towel on her head.
i often wonder if you'll get my green eye's or your dad's blue eyes.
i wonder ALL the time what you will look like.
i really can't wait to find out!

self-portrait... me not wanting to do my picture winter assignment
enough of the miserable me with a sinus infection...
{can you tell i was really dreading this assignment?
oh, well... might as well have some fun with it!}

okay, so here is another pic of your mama
{notice the belly... it's even bigger than the last time you saw it}.

me @18 weeks pregnant... not so glamorous as the 1960s models on my framed vinyl albums

this time, i'm in the dining room.
you might grow up looking at the framed album covers
and wonder why they hang on the wall...
just as i grew up looking at similar album covers.
i'll explain.
when i see vinyl albums like these
at garage sales or flea markets,
i always want to get them.
they have a certain look that brings me back to my childhood.
you see, my dad loved music,
and one of his favorite music genres was jazz.
he loved the old albums with the pretty 1960s models on the covers...
the kind whose models had that "come-hither" look on their face.
he would probably say,
"i got it for the music!"
but we all know he thought the covers were easy on the eyes, too.
anyway, i just get such a warm nostalgic feeling
when i see these covers,
because it takes me back to when i sat on the floor
by your grandfather's vast record collection,
never tiring of looking at them all,
while i listened to his beautiful jazz or classical music.
the best memories!
i hope we will create exactly the same kind for you.
i think we will.
both your dad and i LOVE music.
just last night,
we sat and listened to so many great songs.
{your dad was playing d.j.}
i'm guessing you heard the music!

well, back to the photo.
these are hanging in the dining room... in a little seating area i created.
i felt so unglamorous at 18 weeks pregnant
with my sinus infection
in my bath robe and towel
after my steam therapy shower.
so i thought it would be funny to get a whimsical self-portrait
of unglamorous me next to glamorous them!
here is what that corner looks like without your mama in it.

dining room corner

well, i think that's it for today.
i better go rest.
i'm going to hang out with your very happy father.
{he's in a great mood, because the bears won
and they will keep going in the playoffs!!}

you be good in there, okay?
know that i love you and absolutely can not wait
to meet you face to face one day.

until then, keep growing strong.

your mama


Stacey said...

Oh I'm so sorry you are sick! Not only sick pregnancy sick but sick sinus infection sick! :-( I hope you got in a lot of rest today and feel better very soon. Sending prayers your way. And thank you for your prayers for Evie. We took her in this morning and she has bronchitis and the start of pneumonia so they started her on antibiotics, Praise the Lord, I hope they work fast!

I have green eyes too. My daughter got my green eyes. Green in my favorite color. I love your green eyes.

I love your album covers. I love your home. I think I've said this before, but I would love my house to look more like yours....filled with incredible vintage pieces. LOVE it.

I love the way you talk about your childhood. And music. And where this baby will live. Such sweet words for this child in your tummy. They make me smile.

Have a good night's sleep!

Anonymous said...

i always enjoy reading your posts and the way you speak to your baby with so much love and emotions... i do hope you'll feel better soon. take care of yourself and your babe.

Sandy K. said...

I am loving following your journey, and seeing into your world:). You write the story so well- do you know you can turn your blog into a book? I haven't tried it yet but my daughter says it's worth looking into! Apparently you can choose which posts to put in the book, so you could create a book of your pre-baby conversations? Keep up the wonderful job - and get well!

georgia b. said...

thank you, ladies.

sandy, i did know that! and i will definitely be doing this after baby-b gets here. that is why i am tagging these all as "baby-b {1}". thanks for the thoughtful tip, though! had i not already known, i would have been so glad you told me!

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Georgia, beautiful journaling even though you are sick. I hope the shower loosened up your sinuses. Try chicken soup for the throat and upper respiratory.. You're doing so well. xxoo

Jenny Schouten Short said...

P.S. Tell Sandy K. that I have made my blog into book form four times. Blurb.com is the publisher in the states and I can get it in Holland. They are shown on my plog under Pages at the top. Jenny

georgia b. said...

thanks, jenny! i have checked out blurb before, and it is probably what i would use.

josey said...

hey, i'm a part of the green club too (towels and eyes :) My husband also has blue eyes, and so far all the kiddos have taken his. I can really relate to that feeling of wondering excitement of what they will look like. The anticipation is such a sweet gift!
I have so enjoyed your writing, especially to baby b.
hope you get to feeling better very soon, rest and take care of yourself!
~josey (from picturewinter)

georgia b. said...

thank you, josey.
very sweet of you to say.

by the way, i love your name! my mom wrote a book based on me, and the character's name was josey {or might have been spelled josie... it's been a while since i read it =) }.

thanks for stopping by. it makes me glad to know that others enjoy what i write for me and baby.

beth said...

keep writing to your baby.....it's harder once they are here. your hands will be so busy doing other things....like holding a camera and wiping away poo, so really, keep writing to baby b......

hillary said...

hi georgia! i've been noticing your shots in picture winter ... and now i've found your blog! love this post with the green towel shots. will keep you on my radar and watch your progress. best wishes to you and baby bump. xh