mr. b. one

when i look in your eyes, i see the wisdom of the world in your eyes
i see the sadness of a thousand goodbyes
when i look in your eyes

and it is no surprise, to see the softness of the moon in your eyes
the gentle sparkle of the stars in your eyes
when i look in your eyes

in your eyes, i see the deepness of the sea
i see the deepness of the love
the love i feel you feel for me

autumn comes, summer dies
i see the passing of the years in your eyes
and when we part there'll be no tears, no goodbyes
i'll just look into your eyes

those eyes, so wise
so warm, so real
how i love the world, your eyes reveal

mr. b. three

mr. b. five

mr. b. four

while drinking coffee and hot cocoa this morning, mr. b. and i watched his stars and their guitars: the history of the electric guitar documentary dvd from the library. well... he was a little more into it than i. just being next to him was all that i was there for.

i looked over and caught his amazing blue eyes and was just so taken {like always, but more so this morning... must be the way the light through the window was catching them}.

he DOES NOT like to have his picture taken, so i practically had to beg him to let me go get my camera and snap some shots. it is a very rare, cooperative sight to see him looking at my camera and smiling. i knew i had to act quickly. too much time taken, and he would have booted me from the man cave. =)

anyway, i told him to just ignore that i was there... just keep watching the dvd as if i did not have a camera in hand. we're talking about guitars here, so i know that was not too difficult a task for him to accomplish. {*wink*}

isn't he adorable? i think so! and it's more than just the way he looks here. i needed to capture who he is right now... half way through my pregnancy. i have seen the coolest changes in him since he found out he is going to be a papa. i'm not surprised, though. he was a good guy before. now he is a good dad, too. he is totally stepping up to the plate... he is caring so much for me in this pregnancy, so i know he will care so much for baby-b when he or she arrives. i'm so in love with mr. b. right now. call it pregnancy hormones if you must. i call it love.

this blue eyes post sort of goes with today's picture winter theme. since i did not sleep so well last night, i decided to use another old photo to submit today. the theme is "cooling it"... we're supposed to take a photo and process it to give it a wintery feel. that is exactly what i did in this photo back in december!

winter blues
i had taken the photo in autumn, but i processed it later in december to have a wintery blue feel. that worked out good! now i don't have to go out and create this today, because i already had done so... now i have the day to just rest.

well, one more thing... the lyrics above are from the song when i look in your eyes... a favorite song from an absolute favorite cd of mine!... diana krall's cd of the same title. i often have it playing when i entertain in my home, and EVERY time, my guests ask to know what the name of the cd is so that they can go out and get it, too.

but i have to warn you, it should be listened to on a really good sound system and turned up as much as possible to get the full effect! {i had a friend who bought it after i gave her the name, and she went home and played it on her tiny little clock radio cd player. she told me, "it's just not the same. i did not like it as much as at your house.} if you have to, use ear phones to get the best sound. it's SO relaxing and enjoyable. funny enough, krall is wearing blue on the cd cover.

well, i hope you are all having a relaxing day... full of the good kind of blues!


Steph said...

Oh I love your photos, so pretty:)

Sharon said...

you know, of course, that the song is the one that rex harrison (dr doolittle) sings to sophie the seal, right? i'm sure no one sings it like him. good old movie. good song. it fits with your photos and hubby. :) dad liked that movie and that song.

georgia b. said...

i totally forgot about that, mama. now i like that song even more!

i remember how much dad like that movie... and the song!

thank you, steph!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post - my husband is into guitars too (and has played in bands since he was in highschool!). Love the pics!

Mae said...

i just love that first photo. the color and the composition. you can almost feel that it's a photo that had to be snuck in, taken at that moment, that the moment was a possibly fleeting one. // my husband is the same about photos. and instead of a smile i often get some sort of a grimace. maybe one day i'll snap him for one of the assignments, too!

Jenny Schouten Short said...

Georgia, I really like the photos of your hubby. The third one says a lot, the way he is feeling now. Good that you could document it...for the baby. xo Jenny

slommler said...

Wonderful post and great photos!!
He does have great blue eyes!!

Jessie said...

Such a great picture of Mr. B. Hubs won't let me take a picture of him either. Your last shot should be hanging in your home. I love it! You have such a gift with words and photography. Enjoy Sunday.

S. Etole said...

most blessed you are ....

Lisa said...

Awwww! Love these photos of Mr. B. And I love hearing about how you two are doing throughout your pregnancy, it's so cute! <3