one little word

strength and endurance

last friday's picture winter prompt theme was "winter's pull", so i submitted the above photo. but i really took this photo for a different online photo project i had decided to participate in this year.

i've been hoping to participate in one little word since the new year started. {week four of this project was last saturday... and it's my first time submitting. and late, at that! YIKES!} my word has been picked out since before the year began... in fact, it was sort of chosen for me, as i did not have to think of a word to pick. it was already on my mind for many reasons... "strength".

it's the word i want to focus on and apply to my life more than anything else this year. due to having to change insurance as a result of the costs going up, i no longer will be able to see a mentor/therapist as of this year... at least not a paid one. not getting counseling seems a little overwhelming, as i don't feel we completely worked through everything in me that i wanted to. but as part of my learning to build strength and claim God's strength when i don't have my own this year, i will try to learn to look to him for counsel, too... through his word, through other believers, through prayer.

things are not perfect in my life. i don't feel that we are among green pastures. i feel very much in a cold winter season still... a valley. but this is a place that i can learn to be strong. and i am doing it! i see it very much! and january is not even over. can't wait to see where i'll be at come december!

i was just talking to b. we were discussing what to do with a collection agency who is hounding us. i said, "we'll make it, mister. we'll get through this. we always do." he said, "i don't feel like we ever get through it. we just keep wading." i thought, "yes, but at least wading is moving." so i said, "i know. but that's what i mean. it's like we are not getting immediately taken out of a vast field of hurdles. but we are at least somehow able to always jump every hurdle." a little at a time, we will be led away from this field... this desert... this wilderness.

and that alone will build strength! really strong leg muscles especially!

it's a gray and dreary day here. but i know spring is on the way. it always is... no matter what point of winter we are in, spring is ALWAYS on the way.

and that means so is baby-b! {who, by the way, has been kicking a whole lot lately! VERY EXCITING!... i tried to get papa-b to feel the kicks with his hand, but he can't seem to yet. he'll have to wait until the kicks are stronger, i guess.}

well, i just thought i would post {late} my first photo that i took to depict my "one little word" for 2011. it is the epitome of strength, no?... holding on.

hope you are hangin' on today, too.


Lisa said...

I truly hope things get better for you guys financially. I know those sorts of things can be so rough! But we always seem to survive, yeah? I love this photo. It is beautiful! And a lovely representation of strength. <3

sweetmyrtle said...

hanging on till spring here too... not long now. you are in my thoughts often. i hope things improve financially for you guys. and thank you so much for the card, i was overwhelmed that you took time to write me one and include me in receiving your special holiday news... i am praying for you for strength and sending you lots of love
warmest wishes
ginny x

georgia b. said...

thank you, sweet lisa.

ginny, i was JUST wondering if you ever got my card... wasn't sure since it was all the way across the pond that it had to travel. i thought of writing to ask if you got it... but now i know. thanks for visiting and letting me know. and for letting me hear from you! so good to hear from you today.

hugs to you both.


Lenoirrr said...

Hi dear Georgia,

Although it is liking kicking in an open door, after Winter there is always Spring... I feel horrible reading your words and using such a cliché but clichés often turn out to be very true. We always seem to have to get to the bottom first before we can climb up again and so will you two, three in the near future. Keep on looking at the little things, as long as you keep seeing them, you stay positive and through positivity strong.

You're in my thoughts xo

Hi Kooky said...

Strength - yes - something I'm needing on this Monday! Feeling out of kilter, brewing some coffee, staying the course. Thanks for your encouraging post.

georgia b. said...

you welcome, jen! glad it encouraged you. that is my ultimate goal. thanks for reading.

marion, hahaha... no worries on being cliche. i sometimes like cliche... it is what often gives me ideas for post subjects to write about. thanks for your thoughtful words. =)

spread your wings said...

strength - yes we can all use that. and your image depicts it well.
nice post.

Jen said...

lovely blog post and picture--even though i freaked for a second thinking i had missed something for OLW! lol ;)
i believe we get stronger when we trust God to lead us even when we don't know where that is. you are right, wading is moving and it will produce patience and perseverance! :)
glad you found me via OLW!

georgia b. said...

thanks, jen. nice to have you visit, too!

thank you, leslye. =)

angiephoto365 said...

Love your post - and you have helped others (well at least me) find a little bit of strength today too! How about that! : )

georgia b. said...

so glad, angie. it's part of why i do this!

jillconyers said...

Amazing shot and perfect depiction of STRENGTH. YOu have a wonderful way with words. I'm so glad you decided to join the challenge. I look forward to seeing more of your photos and what your word brings you.

I can't wait for spring!!

slommler said...

Love the photo!! So elegant and simple yet strong!! Definitely holding on.

georgia b. said...

thank you, jill! so glad you stopped by to see it! i'm glad i joined, too!

thanks sueann!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Great photo and great word, something we all could use a little more of, especially in these times. I loved reading your story, you told it with such strength! Good luck to you!

georgia b. said...

thanks, ryzmom!

chasity said...

beautifully written....
i'm so ready for the hope that spring always seems to bring.

georgia b. said...

thank you, chas.