forty of my favorite words

...most because of what they mean, but some because of how they roll off the tongue... or both.
  1. languid ... {my mostest, favoritest word evah!} =)
  2. harmony ... {i love its two most common meanings}
  3. ethereal
  4. sea ... {simple, but lovely}
  5. shenanigan ... {mr. b got me hooked on this one. he says it all the time.}
  6. indigo
  7. myriad
  8. vintage
  9. hutzpah
  10. rue ... {i had to throw a french word in there. i love the spelling... it's visually pleasing to me}
  11. copacetic
  12. serendipity
  13. infinitesimal
  14. eclectic ... {fun to say... fun to be!}
  15. synchronicity
  16. conundrum
  17. hullabaloo
  18. pianissimo ... {i love musical terms... speaking of, i love the word música!... music en español.}
  19. fortissimo
  20. juxtaposition ... {fun to say... and to use in a sentence!}
  21. tree bokeh
  22. behoove
  23. concentric
  24. jicama ... {yum... love to eat it, too!}
  25. nevertheless ... {where else do you see three words combined into one... how fun is that?}
  26. mister ... {it's what i call both my guys}
  27. benevolent
  28. fagioli ... {as in pasta... must be said with an exaggerated italian accent for effect!}
  29. iota
  30. caveat
  31. unrequited
  32. colloquial ... {fun to say... but ironic in meaning}
  33. tranquility
  34. fiddledeedee ... {favorite slang... and fun to say}
  35. willow
  36. etymology
  37. matelassé
  38. kerfuffle ... {now that's just funny to say... such a fitting sound for its meaning}
  39. truly
  40. concerto
  41. manifest
  42. swoon ... {i had to add one bonus word to my list... i just couldn't resist!}
i could go on and on with this list. {and visiting others' blogs doesn't help... i just saw two blog posts that reminded me of additional words... thus my no.41 bonus word above. the other favorite word i saw was perpetual. i so love that word.} but i had to limit it to forty per my thirty days of forty theme. if i was REALLY creative, i could take all forty+ words and use them to write a short story. however, i'm not that much of a word smith. i just like these enough to use them on occasion and appreciate them when heard or read elsewhere.

i loved this twain quote about words. i don't think i write with "lightning"-like effect. but i like to think my writing is several steps up from "lightning bug"... or at least i try. perhaps it's somewhere close to the "magical flickering bokeh through the trees at sunset" range? i hope so!

what are some of your favorite words to say, write, read or hear? leave them for me in a comment... i'd love to see them. and i'm still open to your list ideas! {and thanks to those who have already given me their ideas!}

i'll be back tomorrow with yet another list. hey, this is getting fun!!!


nacherluver said...

What an uber fun list!

Uber being one of my words (for now as I'm sure to get sick of that one).

kersmudgen (although not necessarily considered a real word)

snacktacular (made up by me for something extremely snackable)


You Won! (I guess that doesn't really count since it's two words, but it's awesome to hear.)







I love words! I could go on forever! I will spare you. ;)

georgia b. said...

ahh, great list! i like uber, too! i'm know to use it from time to time. =)

thanks for sharing some of your favorite words!

Punctuation Mark said...

i love serendipity... feels sort of good when you say it... hope you're having a great weekend!

georgia b. said...

agreed. i think it's that "dipity" part of the word that makes you feel good to say it! just a happy sound. =)

Anonymous said...

cheyenne and mesquite and arapajo
shadrach meschach and abednego
puncture and tincture and trunk
unction and juncture and junk
rejoice and repair and restore
depend and detect and deplore
kind and compassion and passion
fluent, flamboyant and fashion
there are a veritable plethora more
but these are some words i adore.

another favorite...anonymous
forgot my password.


georgia b. said...

LOVE it, mama...
probably one of the best comments i have ever received.

i, too, love the word restore. i should have put it in my list.

beth said...

one word i use all the time.....

and like you....

hmmmm......now those are 2 words that describe me most of the time...LOL....funny how that works :)

Miki's scrapbook said...

This is so much fun! I've always liked the way mistletoe sounds ... and I kind of like what the word conveys, too :).