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once upon a time, kellie met bobby.
they fell in love and got married...

kellie and bobby and baby2

kellie and bobby and baby
and baby makes three!!!

a couple weeks ago, i posted about our time with them at the beach. i had to crop out her belly on any of the photos that showed it or not include them altogether, because they had not yet announced their pregnancy. but now it's officially out... announced to the world to everyone in facebook-land. so now i proudly display the mama belly in all it's super-duper wonderfulness.

she's only at eleven weeks in these photos... but that's bump enough to receive daddy kisses!!

these two have been longing to have a baby {i know that feeling} and had a difficult time with it for a bit. {i know what that's like, too.} i am so happy for them to see that dream finally fulfilled. and i am so very happy to be able to get some early pregnancy pictures of them, too. it is one of the biggest joys i have as a photographer... to capture these moments in the lives of people... people pictures of people moments. it's why i do what i do. and i never want to stop.

kellie and bobby and baby3

that said, i'll reiterate just how dear these two people are to my husband and me. they have showered so much love on our own little one since before he was born. absolutely two of the sweetest people ever made. how nice to know they've decided to keep up the tradition and make a people of their own {for which i am selfishly happy for isaac's sake... a close-to-home playmate for him!}.

congrats to you, bobby and kellie!! blessings on you and this pregnancy and that little one. you've had our prayers from the day you told us the news, and will have them until the day baby hits the scene outside mama's belly. we can't wait to meet her! {i say "her", 'cause i've decided that is what they are having, even though not a soul knows what the gender is except maybe their doctor. but trust me... it's a girl!}


beth said...

yeah....a new baby for the world :)

Cropped Stories said...

Aw, how sweet and EXCITING! Great shots!

georgia b. said...

thanks, elana. =)

beth... i know how much you love babies!! me too! yeah is right!

georgia b. said...

thanks, elana. =)

beth... i know how much you love babies!! me too! yeah is right!