we temporarily interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you this special post {but i promise... there's still a "polaroid" at the end }

friend for life
okay... a brief time out from the pseudo polaroids. i had to use my blogging forum to publicly give a special birthday wish to one of my dearest friends, mary.

i've introduced you to her before... back when she first started a blog. well, today is her birthday. she has been a friend to me and my twin sister since third grade. i just love her to pieces.

from time to time, we meet for coffee. the last time we did is when i took this picture of her... all the way back around valentine's day. you know how difficult it has been to wait all this time to post this picture??? *wink*

it's always the best time when we get together. and i can't remember one of those times when we met that she did not have with her all three of the things that are pictured below... her bible, her camera and some coffee. these are all things that speak volumes to the person she is. so much so, that i don't even think i have to say all of the beautiful, intangible things she is for you to know what they are. but i will anyway. she is thoughtful. she is creative. she is a seer. she is a helper. she is so much fun. she loves life! that's only just a start!

her camera, her bible, her coffee
the only other tangible thing that i would strongly associate with mary is the outdoors, or nature. she is a true nature lover.

and there is hardly a time i've met with her that she did not share at least one of those four significant things about her. either encouraging me with a bible verse, showing me some of her most recent pictures, buying my coffee for me, or inviting me to tag along on one of her annual nature days. she is not just a friend, but a real blessing in my life. i hope everyone gets to have a friend like her.

i know we've been busy lately, miss mary, and therefore have not seen each other in a while. but know that i think of you often, especially today, and that i treasure our friendship. i wish you a very special day and a very blessed year to come. happy happy birthday! and it's still true and always will be... since third grade, until we meet over yonder... we'll be friends for life.


okay, for the rest of you... and since i know birthday posts can be sort of awkward for my readers, 'cause i start to get all gushy and intimate and stuhhhhfffff, and you guys, like, don't even know this person, so you are just sort of sitting there thinking, "i feel like i shouldn't be reading this... like i'm reading someone's personal birthday card message, or eaves dropping in on their personal birthday phone call"...

well, here is something for you. another pseudo 'roid for fake 'roid week.

lilac 'roid
i hope i'm not being disrespectful to the polaroid purists by declaring it fake 'roid week here. trust me, i'd be joining in on the real thing if i could! i completely respect their craft. and i have a strong feeling that by this time next year, i will be joining the real polaroid ranks. one of my friends read my recent posts, and told me she thinks her mom still has her polaroid sx-70 in her basement, and that i can probably have it! YIPPEEE. i'm over the moon!

thanks to everyone for the recent kind comments and strong interest in my last few fake 'roid posts. i already thought it was fun, but you guys are making this a blast! i'm glad you are enjoying it as much as i am. imagine how much fun it will be next year when i'm doing the real thing!!!


slommler said...

A very Happy Birthday to Mary!!
You are blessed to have such a person in your life!
Love your "roid" pic. Beautiful!
That will be so cool for you to get that camera. woot!

Steve Gravano said...

Wow the color and softness is beautiful. Great still-life.

Jenny Schouten Short said...

This is a really beautiful blog. You're doing well with your camera. Keep up the good work. I will check it out again now that I've discovered it.

lissa said...

it's nice to know friends that are still friends, not everyone can have friends that last so long

anyway, the fake polaroid pic looks good to me, I think for those without a polaroid camera or film (which is very expensive by the way), than making fake polaroid pics is their only option

& it's sweet that you might actually get a polaroid camera!

S. Etole said...

sounds like she carries the essentials ... your image is lovely.

mrs mediocrity said...

love the photos, roid and otherwise. here's to best and wonderful friends...:)

Lisa said...

awwwww happy birthday to your friend! such a lovely tribute! <3

i happen to enjoy your fake 'roids! i think they are super fun and creative! ;)